England national football team made an early exit from the 2014 World Cup

The England national football team made an early exit from the 2014 World Cup as the team of Roy Hodgson failed to win a single match in the group stages and was knocked out surprisingly fast.

The national side has appeared to be recovering from their underwhelming streak of performances at the international stage as Roy Hodgson and his squad have not lost a single match after the 2014 World Cup reached it’s end.

England is positioned at the top of Group E after having sealed 5 victories from the 5 matches that have been played in the 2016 Euro’s and Wayne Rooney believes that the English squad have a true and genuine reason on why to be optimistic for the future of the national team as Roy Hodgson has made a number of changes that has initiated a string of positive results

The captain of the England national team, Wayne Rooney said: ‘’At the minute we have the tactics right and it’s moving in a good direction. We have learned with every game since the World Cup and are getting better, and there is an excitement back about England.”

Wayne Rooney continued on by saying that the team has picked up a more aggressive playing style which has resulted with the players being more energetic and quick when it comes to recovering the ball or taking it away from the enemies.

“It’s not so much about being ‘nasty’ but certainly about being aggressive.Not in a bad way in terms of putting really hard tackles in, but getting up to the ball quickly. We are harrying teams and making them make mistakes.’’ Rooney added on.

England’s latest qualification saw them claiming a 4-0 triumph over Lithuania as the English side are the leaders of Group E and favorites on not only advancing through the next rounds of the European competition but have also been edged on at least reaching the semi-finals.