The Blues almost have one of their hands on the Premier League trophy.

With them leading the Premier League table 7 points clear and having one more game to play than the other teams, it’s not that much probable than they would end anywhere, but, at the top come the end of the season.

But, Jose Mourinho, who has already had the taste of glory at the Premier League level in the past, does not want the intensity to drop in his squad at all.

The Portuguese has warned his players that a lot of work has still to be done; otherwise, the mission of becoming the Champions of England again might not get accomplished.
According to Mourinho, rather than thinking about what the other teams require, his boys should think what they require.

Mourinho told Maraton bet that if Chelsea emerge victorious in 5 out of the 8 games that they have to play in the top tier now and plays one draw out of the remaining 3, they would be able to get the job done.

The day before yesterday, he was quoted by Maraton bet saying “It’s about sixteen points from here on in which means we need to win five and sneak a draw somewhere. If we do so, we will be through to the trophy no matter what the other teams do. So, that’s where our focus should be, to secure sixteen points for us.”

If Chelsea makes it to the glory, it will be a first for them in the last half a decade. Last time also when they had won the league, it was Mourinho who was in charge of them.

For Mourinho also, it will be another feather in the cap although he has had a lot of success in other countries too.