Browse Month: September 2012

Rooney Wants another Decade

After playing ten years in the Premier League Wayne Rooney, the Manchester United Striker, is asserting his desire to remain with the club for another ten years. Rooney has played with Manchester United since 2004 since he moved from Everton.

Rooney’s declaration comes as a surprise to some after Rooney made a transfer request two years previously, and more recently many have wondered about Rooney’s future with the club after speculation was sparked when Manchester United signed Robin van Persie.

With attractive odds with companies like Coral you could make a pretty penny off this piece of speculation. Though when Rooney was asked what this could mean for his career he insisted he didn’t read anything into the move. He felt that if the club management had something to tell then they would be direct regarding their motives.

Rooney has chalked up his previous transfer request to a mistake insisting he wishes to stay as long as possible with Manchester, and formally acknowledged this mistake to the United’s Chief Executive, David Gil and the manager, Sir Alex Ferguson.

Recently, Rooney has been a popular interviewee with the recent release of his autobiography. In his book, My Decade in the Premier League, Rooney chronicles the maturity he has gained over the years playing for Manchester United. Once pegged as a hot headed player for his forays in the papers Rooney now believes his maturity has helped him learn to keep a level head on the field.

He states this maturity was learned the hard way by experiencing a ban last year, and notes the new responsibility of fatherhood has helped him perform as a better player on the field. Currently Rooney is out of action due to an injury sustained a few weeks ago; with a serious gash on his leg Rooney is expected to be on the bench for a month although I’m sure you could bet on it at the bookies.

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