Former Everton midfielder Tim Cahill has a reputation for scoring a lot of goals despite being a midfielder. However, the Australian has struggled to replicate his form at the MLS club New York Red Bulls since joining the club in the £ 1 million transfer more than a year ago. He has managed to score just one goal in 15 appearances for the team, which has led to media criticism that the player should not have been part of the designated player rule.

As a result of being a designated player, Tim Cahill is blocking the arrival of stars like Thierry Henry, who is the other designated player within the squad. However, Cahill has said that he does not believe that his play does not need a goal, and it is only the media and the fans who are looking for it. He has said that he has been enjoying the status of being a regular goalscorer at various clubs in the past, but it is not the same with New York Red Bull. He has said that he would rather be a part of the team rather than an individual who scores goals.

Cahill will have the opportunity to improve his goalscoring record when his team take on San Jose Earthquakes on Sunday.
“I don’t think I need a goal. I think who needs the goals are probably [fans and media]. I need to play. It’s only been one game in the season. Last year was a different [story]. … I think in this league the focus on DPs and these players from Europe is so much because of the money and so many circumstances. But I’ve enjoyed a career in being in highlights and being at the top of my game as a goalscorer and whatever, but with the Red Bulls it’s not about me, it’s not about the individuals,” said Cahill.