English Fans Throw Nasty Replies At Rooney

The English fans are not happy with Wayne Rooney posting sponsor related tweets just a couple of days after England’s exit from the ongoing FIFA World Cup.

Rooney posted about a Samsung mobile game on his twitter account yesterday after which his followers reacted in an angry way and the footballer ended up getting a number of nasty replies.

Replying to that tweet of Rooney, Plain Sailing wrote, “Wayne, you would have been sitting in Brazil right now if you had focussed on your game more than the ads like these.”

While, the other one wrote, “Sorry to say this Wayne, but, you were just pathetic in Brazil. So, please try and think about football and forget these mobile games.”

Rooney was actually not as poor as some of the other England players in Brazil, but, he is receiving most of the criticism for England getting knocked out. It’s a bit weird, but, there is a reason behind it.

The England fans actually love Rooney a lot and they always have big expectations with him. Every time, he puts on the England jersey and turns up on the ground, they expect him to win it for the Three Lions, but, obviously, it doesn’t happen every time and whenever it doesn’t happen, the England fans get upset. Even if it’s because of the poor effort of the other players, it’s Rooney who takes the hammering most of the times.

However, this time around, the England fans have every right to get upset with Rooney. This was his third World Cup and he again couldn’t produce his best just like the previous two occasions in Germany and South Africa respectively. He was alright in Brazil, but, not at his peak. He did end up scoring his first World Cup goal though against Uruguay.